In a Nutshell...

Vivaria is an ambitious project that I initially undertook to monitor the conditions of my snake's terrarium. It was to consist of a couple of thermometers and humidity sensor with a small display all powered by an Arduino Uno. The project now runs on a Raspberry Pi 3, keeps records, uploads the records to a cloud app run by Google App Engine, and allows monitoring from a website or Android app. Future plans include light scheduling, automatic heat control, and manual control from the web and mobile apps.

Project Description

Vivaria is a climate monitoring system for reptile and amphibian vivaria. Some of the difficulty in keeping a pet in a small enclosure is providing an appropriate temperature gradient and humidity range. The values must be monitored and adjusted when necessary. Vivaria accomplishes this by taking measurements from multiple connected sensors and recording the data both locally and to a configured server for later display via a web portal or mobile app. The next feature will be the ability for Vivaria to recognize unsatisfactory conditions and enable or disable attached hardware such as heat lamps, heating pads, and fans.

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